BREAK THE SYSTEM, 2016, Sangker Gallery, Cambodia

BREAK THE SYSTEM, solo exhibition, 18 December 2016 – 28 February 2017

Nov Cheanick breaks the system. First and foremost, he breaks down his own. He thrives to create without any form of control, without any pressure – to create freely not only in his mind, but also through his body and his soul.

This series testifies to a broad “let it be” mentality of the artist. “I’ve destroyed my own system”, says Nov Cheanick, “before, I thought too much about what people would say about my paintings, I was too shy to express what I felt from deep inside. This new artwork comes from my soul. This is the real me – without any intention to seduce or to create beauty for others”.

In this series, the artist comments on society and on all of the different ways of control that we endure in our lives: work, politics, family, love. Is real and true freedom ever possible? Are we, in one way or another, always stuck in a system that controls us?

Thoughts and materials are inseparable in the artwork of Nov Cheanick. He is like an alchemist, working relentlessly to find the perfect ingredients for a concoction that expresses his finest thoughts.

Nov Cheanick stages his paintings to highlight the power of materiality on society. His paintings are like sculptures, but with different materials: thick layers of colors, earth, dead leaves, cigarette ashes, guitar strings… These combinations reveal intricate formations, emerging patterns, emphasis, and a wealth of character. His paintings come alive through your imagination, pushed forward by the substance behind his work.

Laura Petit, curator.



PRESS Cambodia Daily, 01.2017



Thank you to Laura Petit for this exhibition.

Photographs ©2016 Sidonie Frances