FACE FORWARD, 2019, TreeLine Gallery, Cambodia

FACE FORWARD, group exhibition, 26 January – 31 March 2019

Treeline Gallery’s first group exhibition of 2019, Face Forward, pays attention to the past and look forward from now artworks by Sopheap PICH, THANG Sothea, NOV Cheanick, Asasax and HKA & Partners.

Each of the featured artists address the past through their practice of contemporary art, highlighting questions regarding consumption and production. Some of the works reflect the transfer of knowledge, exposing a process that is usually reserved for artist’s studio. These artists are active at a time that has a completely different precondition to that of their forbearers. They have their roots in history in different ways, each telling their story uniquely, and making their artworks come alive in their own ways.

The artists share a close relationship to the everyday, as well as to nature, space, and sound. {…}

Cheanick’s work creates dynamic surfaces which, when accompanied by his poetic words, bring the viewer closer to the way in which the artist challenges the limits of perception. In his paintings, Cheanick merges the conscious and unconscious worlds of mind and heart. His references and images have become increasingly abstract, but regardless of how imageless his canvases may seem, they remain in a way, representational.  There are human and animal figures, bodies of water, states of being, skies, the earth, maps and rain.

Meta Moeng, curator.



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